Serial shooter kills two men, targets homeless in Las Vegas

Homeless Man.PNG

Investigators are searching for a serial shooter responsible for two murders and four shootings within the past nine days in Southern Nevada.

Authorities believe the serial shooter is responsible for murdering two homeless people near Downtown Las Vegas last week. Surveillance video captures the February 2nd murder of 64-year-old James Lewis, a homeless man who was shot and killed execution-style while he slept underneath a bridge near 14th Street and U.S. 95.

“This is just eating me up that I won’t get the chance to hug him and put my arms around him,” said Oneida Lewis-Baker,

Baker had been searching for her father for 20 years when they moved to Las Vegas from Colorado. She never imagined the Vietnam Veteran would end up on the streets or that he would be murdered while he slept. She returned to the site of the murder to retrieve his few belongings and the blankets that kept Lewis warm at night.

“I’m sad because he left me with two bags of stuff and that’s all I have of my father. I’ll have a grave to go out and talk to him but that’s it, he won’t get to talk back,” said Baker.

Lewis is one of two homeless men murdered in cold blood just days apart. He was the latest victim in a string of violent shootings. Police say it started on January 29th Logandale, Nevada followed by three more shootings near downtown Las Vegas. The Vegas shootings all targeted the homeless.

“We must stop this man before he shoots and kills someone else. This man is armed and dangerous and he’s targeting our homeless,” said Las Vegas Metro Police Department Captain Robert Plummer.

Surveillance video released by police catches a grainy glimpse of the suspect and his getaway car, which is described as 2016 or 2018 Hyundai Tucson Sports Limited SUV.

As for Lewis-Baker, she’s hoping more clues will help catch her father’s killer.

“I pray that he's caught because if he did this to my dad and possibly the other homeless guy then he's going to keep targeting homeless people and it's just not right,” said Lewis-Baker.

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