Several truck tire-wheel thefts reported in northwest; victims find trucks on blocks

tire thefts.PNG

People in the northwest valley are waking up to find their pickup trucks on cinder blocks.

Police tell us tire thieves have hit at least 16 trucks in the past two weeks in the area of Tenaya Way and Ann Road.

Mike Pratt is one of many area residents waking up to the same theft. He said on Monday morning, he wasn't the only person to find his vehicle on blocks.

Truck without tires. Several people in his community of Grand Entries Drive found their trucks on blocks.

"I came out here Monday morning around 6:30 and noticed my truck was sitting on the street on blocks. I was pretty upset. I'm pretty surprised this happened I didn't realize people do this," Pratt said.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers tell us they are investigating.

Pratt says surveillance cameras caught suspects driving his truck.

"They rolled up and took them from the time they parked stole the wheels it was less than five minutes," Pratt said.

As you can imagine, the thefts cause damage and are also costly to repair and replace.

Pratt said, "The wheels and tires being stolen, so they have to account for those costs as well ... any other damage it's around 6-thousand dollars right now."

Police do not have any suspect descriptions.

Neighbors say all they know is four men are a part of the operation.

Pratt hopes the bad guys are caught before they do it again.

Pratt said, "It's very important. It makes me nervous to keep my truck out here. When I get it back it makes me nervous it might happen to me again."

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