Sheriff Arpaio to get 'Courage Under Fire' Award in Nevada

Conservative group meets for conference set to give former Sheriff Joe Arpaio "Courage Under Fire" award. 9/15/17 (Christy Wilcox | KSNV)

Former Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff will get the “Courage Under Fire” Award at the Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas on Saturday. Leaders with the group say they will not announce where he will get the award or if he will be in Las Vegas to help prevent a major conflict.

Citizen Outreach President Chuck Muth said they are used to protests, but with high emotions on recent immigration decisions, they want to make sure Las Vegas remains peaceful.

Muth said they are giving Arpaio the award because he continues to do his job by following the law instead of changing written rules.

Just across the valley Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada also held a meeting to let illegal immigrants know they have rights.

"There's a fear we don't have rights because of our immigration status but actually regardless of our status the U.S. constitution says we do have certain rights," said Erika Castro.

Leaders at P.L.A.N have feelings about Arpaio’ s welcome to Nevada and the award he is set to receive.

"Arpaio is invited to be honored in our state when actually he is a criminal," said Castro.

Castro is referencing President’s decision to pardon Arpaio and overturn a judge’s decision to jail him for contempt of court.

But Muth, who agrees mass deportations may not be the answer, has another opinion of Arpaio. Muth said P.L.A.N leadership’s opinion of Arpaio is like the pot calling the kettle black when folks who broke the law by being in the country illegally are calling a 50 year highly respected law man a criminal.

Charlie Kirk with Turning Point U.S.A was a keynote speaker at the conservative forum. His group focuses on what’s happening on college campuses. Kirk was there to speak to others about how much college campuses have become intolerant of conservative ideas or any form of disagreement.

With President Trump’s recent decision to rescind DACA protections, pardon Arpaio, along with Mexican Independence Day celebrations on Saturday and a world-class Mexican fighter at the T-Mobile area, some think the peaceful protest could become a major conflict.

Muth said out of an abundance of caution they simply aren't telling anyone whether Sheriff Arpaio will be in Las Vegas or not because they don't want to stir the hornets’ nest. He plans to make the announcement Saturday afternoon prior to the ceremony.

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