Sheri's Ranch Brothel partners with Pahrump to create 100 acre garden to feed the needy

Sheri's Ranch Brothel plans to partner with the community of Pahrump to plant a garden that will feed the area's large homeless, senior, and veteran populations. The garden will be planted on 100 acres of donated land. 9/12/16 (Denise Rosch | KSNV)

With a population of roughly 35, 000 residents, Pahrump has the same problems as any town. Homelessness, hunger, and poverty are all issues the town struggles with.

Now, help is on the way from what could be considered and unlikely source. A local brothel.

Sharon Hampton is the Chairman of the VFW food bank in Pahrump and she said the need is greater than ever.

"About 1/3 of the population here are veterans," she said.

Hampton makes sure as many as 150 veterans have something to eat every month. Donations are bagged up and handed out.

"We have a lot of veterans who depend on this food bank. Some are in their 80's. They have enough money for rent and utilities and that's it. They're here every week getting food," said Hampton.

Next year, fresh vegetables could be added to the grocery list. Just down the road from the VFW, Sheri's Ranch hopes a community garden will help alleviate the strain on the food bank. The local brothel plans to donate about 100 acres of land to make the project happen. The business said it is even willing to provide the water. Nye County Commissioner Dan Schinhofen is helping to coordinate the project.

"Water rights have to be used. Instead of pretend gardening and growing alfalfa, they're creating a community garden," said Schinhofen.

Corn, squash, and tomatoes, the idea is to transform the land. Schinhofen hopes to begin planting in the spring and harvesting from the garden by June of 2017. Everything will be done with donated equipment and volunteer labor.

"Most of the brothels are great community partners," he said.

All of the food will be provided to help feed the homeless, Pahrump seniors in need, and the large veteran population.

"I think it's outstanding to help the community. To take that many acres and grow crops. Vegetables are the hardest thing to come by," said Hampton.

Hampton said it's what you do in a small community, look out for each other, and say thank you. No matter who is pitching in to help.

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