Violence in Las Vegas: 20 murders in 38 days


It’s a troubling statistic, 20 people have been killed in Las Vegas in the last 39 days.

According to Metropolitan Police Department, those numbers include a new double murder case.

Two people were shot and killed Tuesday night in a neighborhood on the eastside of town near Charleston Boulevard and Pecos Road.

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The person responsible is still on the run. As far as a suspect description, police don’t have much to go on.

Detectives say it’s too early to know what drove someone to open fire on three men in the street.

It happened around the corner from John and Connie Woodruff’s home. The couple moved to the neighborhood 45-years-ago.

But they said it seems like only yesterday.

"Las Vegas was a small town", said John Woodruff.

"Very peaceful”, noted Connie Woodruff. "You could come and go and walk down the road and not be afraid. Now, you don't even dare get out here in the daytime.”

The couple heard gunfire outside their home just before 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

"I think there were at least 6 or 7 shots. I came out, and there was no one. I looked up and down the street. Within 5 or 6 minutes, the police were here”, said John.

There is a security camera in the neighborhood. The problem is, not all of them were on and working when the shooting happened.

Alicia Aguilar grew up in the area

"I don't like to be walking around at night”, said Aguilar.

She said she feels uneasy knowing the killer is still out there.

As for Woodruff's, they just hope someone calls in a tip to police.

"It made me feel like going and getting my own gun”, noted John.

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