Should a section of East Las Vegas break away from Clark County?

Should parts of East #LasVegas break away from @ClarkCountyNV to become its own city? (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

Call it “growing pains”. The valley is growing again, and at least one section of town is feeling neglected.

"The services that are out there, and the things that are provided they've declined, and they've diminished in quality,” said resident Rachel Mangum.

In the shadow of Sunrise Mountain are two communities, Whitney and Sunrise Manor, whose residents are now considering breaking away from Clark County.

Mangum is a mother who has lived in the area 11 years. From un-maintained roads to dilapidated parks, even slow police response, she says her concerns are real.

Fellow resident and state assembly candidate Brandon Casutt agrees.

"When issues come up, right now none of our county commissioners live over here on the east side, they all live over in one of the other cities," said Casutt.

The process of becoming a city is not an easy one. It will have to pass a vote, for one, and there are other considerations, like public works and creating new police and fire departments.

County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly admits the county should be doing better.

"We're behind the gun because our infrastructure is behind schedule, coming up with adequate housing, many of our schools are overcrowded. So we do have to get together, continue to talk," said Weekly.

But some say talking is not what's needed most now, rather action, before the town goes from undesirable, to unacceptable.

Commission Vice Chair Chris Giunchigliani and Commissioners Jim Gibson, Marilyn Kirkpatrick and Lawrence Weekly will host a town hall meeting from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 3, at the Hollywood Recreation Center at 1650 S. Hollywood Boulevard to discuss issues surrounding creating a new city government in the Sunrise area.

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