"Skin and bones" dog at Henderson Petland creates social media firestorm

Petland Video goes viral.PNG

A disturbing photo that went viral on social media captured a dog, barely more than skin and bones, at the Henderson Petland.

The ten-week-old puppy is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. The photo prompted an investigation by Henderson Animal Control.

Monique Magnum took the photo Thursday during a trip to the store with her boyfriend.

"He was way too little. Like I mean, skin and bones and very lethargic," explained Monique Magnum.

The powerful photo of the $2,500 puppy created a social media firestorm.

"To me, he just looks extremely sick. I just wanted an explanation for it and I wasn't getting that," said Magnum.

Magnum turned to Facebook. Her photo has been shared nearly 400 times. The photo prompted a flood of calls to Henderson Animal Control.

Animal Control officers visited the store and said the puppy is healthy and can stay put.

"We understand their concern," said Petland General Manager David Bravo.

"We just wanted to reassure everybody that the puppy is fine," he continued.

The 14-pound puppy had the second checkup after the photo went viral.

"He's healthy, happy. He's eating. It is a breed, where at that age they are a lean puppy if you will," he explained.

"Much like weimaraner, those types of breeds. They grow rapidly," said Bravo.

Veterinarian Randy Winn checked out the dog and wrote in a letter. the puppy," is a little thin, but-but not emaciated."

He continued to say the puppy is "healthy, and by no means abused or starved."

Magnum hopes the puppy finds the forever family he deserves.

"To cuddle with a family is what I want. I want nothing more than that," said Magnum.

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