Skinny pot: Can some strains of marijuana trigger weight loss?

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    The ongoing punchline has been that people who smoke marijuana always have the munchies, crave potato chips, cookies and other high calorie snacks. But that's not true for all strains of pot.

    In fact, some strains may have the opposite effect and make you want to get up and be active.

    Victoria Babbitt is a cannabis chef for Acres Cannabis. Her kitchen looks like any other on the Las Vegas Strip, but there's an unmistakable aroma of weed in the air.

    "I run the edibles line for the kitchen," Victoria explains, cooking up weed-infused gummies at Acres Cannabis and trying to shake the munchies stoner stereotype. "Before it was junk food , snack food, brownies, Doritos," but glass cases inside the dispensary tell a different story. Dozens of strains, all of them different types and sizes.

    Tom Nieves, Lead Budtender at Acres Cannabis, says, "Blue dream is personally one of my favorite sativas as far as a functional high. Using it as an appetite suppressant. The stereotype is that all weed is going to make you happy and hungry. But there's a whole world of weed, all types out there."

    Nieves describes two major types of cannabis: indica and sativa.

    Indica makes you relaxed so that you become one with the sofa.

    Sativa can energize you, making you more active.

    Nieves continues, "They make you want to clean your house, do your taxes, clean your car, whatever you got on your to-do list."

    The flower room, where a yellow glow spills into the hallway, is where it all begins at the dispensary Shango.

    "A dozen strains. 16,000 square feet." Shango's vice president, Matt Gardiner, says after harvesting the weed that ends up in the dispensary for you to buy. "You might find a strain that helps you be motivated. Certain Sativa strains might, for example, help you with pushing further in a workout."

    While some strains may get you up and moving, Matt admits, nothing beats healthy eating and exercise, "It's not a magic bullet. Nothing is when it comes to getting in shape."

    As for Victoria, shattering stoner stereotypes starts in her kitchen, the last place you would expect to shed a few pounds.

    But that might be changing.

    "I just got notified today they're close to being sold out," she says.

    All thanks to a small green plant and a pot diet.

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