Slain Walmart employee remembered as a loving father of five

Walmart victim

A Walmart employee on break ended up getting shot and killed.

Store customers witnessed the killing happen right in front of them.

The murder happened Saturday night in the Walmart parking lot located near Nellis Boulevard and Boulder Highway.

LaTanya McCurdy is the murder victim’s girlfriend.

"He was supposed to be here Sunday morning to take our daughter to get the rest of her school stuff," she said.

McCurdy speaks of the last conversation her boyfriend Antwan Graves had over the phone with her daughter.

Graves was working his job at Walmart on Saturday night.

Around 8 p.m., the 38-year-old took his break and went outside to his car.

"Four witnesses saw someone come from behind him. When he got out of the car, they fired several shots," said McCurdy

LVMPD says the gunman shot Graves in the head and ran through the parking lot. Co-workers found Graves dead outside a gold car still parked at the very same spot.

"I was thinking, was it a customer? Like did he talk crazy to a customer?" McCurdy asked. “Did he catch someone stealing? I am confused."

LVMPD detectives believe Graves was targeted. Officers did not release a description of the gunman.

"I think it's really unfortunate for him to be working, trying to make a living, and for that to happen to him," said Graves' next door neighbor, Anthony Woodard.

Graves leaves behind five children.

"He's a family person,” said McCurdy. “He's sweet. He's nice. He loves all his children."

McCurdy says she continues to wonder over and over why anyone would take her boyfriend's life.

"I just want to ask why? What did he do to you? Was it that serious to take his life? He never did anything to any one. Period," McCurdy said.

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