Small Business Saturday: A chance for shoppers to give back to local stores

Small Business Saturday invites shoppers to give to back to their local stores and support the community's diverse passions. (KSNV)

Six years ago, Shelley Gorman began living out the dream.

“When you support local, you support a dream. A lot of hard work, sweat, equity, but it’s something you love,” said Shelley.

She owns her very own small business, River North, a home décor and design shop in Tivoli Village, located at 400 S. Rampart Boulevard.

“At a small business, you will find something unique, they won’t have probably ever seen before,” she explained.

As shoppers it the stores by the masses over Thanksgiving weekend, they’re asked to remember to spend their money at locally- owned stores, just like Gorman’s, on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 24.

Nina Peralta is one of a reported 67 million shoppers projected to spend on local over the weekend.

“For me, I’m from Hawaii, so we try to keep it within the family, as we call it. Small businesses are our family,” Nina said.

The idea behind Small Business Saturday was started by American Express in 2010.

Since then, sales around the day have been anything but small.

In the eight years since its launch, customers have reported spending $85 billion at independent shops and restaurants, showing the nation that with a small business comes a big heart.

Nina puts it best, saying, “Typically one person or a family doing what they love, selling what love to a community they love and see a need for.”

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