Snapchat video shows man firing pink rifle at local middle school

A Snapchat clip posted Saturday shows a man armed with a pink rifle aiming it towards the back of Canarelli Middle School and firing.

The rifle appears to be either a BB or pellet gun. You can see the man is inside a home and on the second floor. On the video you could hear a man say, "I'm going to shoot the school up." The clip seems to have been recorded when school was not in session.

The Snapchat video made it's way through the Canarelli community, alarming parents like Brooke Glenn, who decided to take her niece out of Canarelli after viewing the video.

"I can't imagine. I have family in Parkland, Florida, so after everything that went on I can't take chances," Glenn said.

Clark County School District Police say they are not taking any chances either.

On Monday morning, a school police cruiser was visible sitting in the front of the school. The Canarelli School principal emailed parents telling them school officials are aware of the video and taking action.

Glenn says all the precautions are not enough.

"This can't be real; it's way too close. I think she's safer at home than she is at school and I think that is sad."

The video was recorded in a neighborhood right behind Canarelli Middle School where the buses pick up and drop students. Mike Tran lives in the neighborhood.

He has seen the increased police patrols and knew they were looking for somebody.

Glenn says she'll think twice before sending her niece back to school.

"It doesn't matter," Glenn said. "There could be more in another room somewhere else. You know, this should not be the reality."

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