WEATHER AUTHORITY: Snow piles up on Mount Charleston

Fresh Snow on Mt. Charleston.png

Southern Nevada, we have snow.

A weather maker has landed and snow is piling up on Mount Charleston.

A big change in the weather typically means big business on the mountain. However, at the Mount Charleston Lodge, business is shut down for the day.

Lodge officials say they made the decision to shut down operations for the day because of safety concerns. Snow plows are busy clearing the roads and Mountain Patrol officials are assisting with stalled and stuck vehicles.

Lee Canyon, including the ski resort and restaurants, are currently open.

After one of the warmest Januarys on record, February is looking to even out the scale -- ending in a flurry!

The snow has been steadily falling on the mountain since this morning, allowing people to come out and enjoy the outdoors with a thrown snowball or two.

“We weren’t expecting it to be this much snow, we were just expecting it to be a little sprinkle or just to have barely any snow on the ground,” said 12-year-old Joy Wilson.

“In Brazil, we don’t have it like this. Only one time in San Paulo,” said Maria Wilson, who moved to Las Vegas from Brazil around 20 years ago.

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