Some CCSD students plan to walk out to protest gun violence, others will not

Some CCSD students plan to walk out to protest gun violence, others will not

Two of the four school shootings have happened in Clark County School District.

Some students say they will walk-out on Wednesday in a national protest to remember students killed at Parkland, Florida school one month ago.

CCSD has given warnings to students to remind them they must have parent’s notes or face a tardy or unexcused absence.

In return, the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada has warned schools not to overly penalize students who plan to participate.

While some students say they plan to walk-out holding a silent protest remembering students who died during the mass shooting in the Florida school, others say they will stay in class.

"While it does have an effect on what the government sees, I personally don't think it has a direct effect on policy," said Kerri, a student at Rancho High School.

Governor Sandoval held a school safety summit on Monday. He reminded superintendents that some Nevada teachers are allowed to carry guns into their classrooms, but here's a catch -- no one knows who is armed.

“It's for the safety of those who may or may not be carrying," said Governor Sandoval.

News 3 asked if any local teachers carried guns, but they didn't have a clear answer. In a statement: "We are working to create guidelines and a process for teachers and other campus employees who wish to carry guns on campus."

On social media News, 3 asked if parents should know whether a teacher is carrying a gun in class. The overwhelming majority agreed they would want to know.

At Rancho High School when students were asked if they would feel safer if their teacher had a gun. The majority students said they would feel less safe.

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