SOURCES: New person of interest in 1 October investigation sold shooter ammunition

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A Las Vegas judge ordered the release of redacted LVMPD search warrants connected to the Route 91 mass shooting investigation Tuesday morning.

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Aside from the shooter Stephen Paddock, two people were mentioned in the nearly 300-page document as initial persons of interest in the investigation.

The first was Marilou Danley, who was the shooter’s girlfriend and has since been cleared and one other person whose name was ordered to be redacted by the court.

News 3 sources familiar with the case confirm the second person of interest is Douglas Haig of Mesa, Arizona.

Haig was contacted on Tuesday at his home in Mesa, Arizona. During a conversation with a local Phoenix reporter, he said he was a person of interest three months ago. When he was asked what he had to say about the allegations he responded, “Nothing’s changed. I didn’t do anything illegal.”

Haig told KPNX in October 2017 that he didn’t have any kind of comment for them. But then added, “[Paddock] looked normal, acted normal, spoke normal. Clean cut nice guy – never suspected anything. Nobody around us suspected anything.”

Haig admitted to first meeting Paddock at a Las Vegas gun show in late August and eventually met him again at Haig’s home in Arizona where he allegedly sold Paddock 600 tracer rounds.

On Tuesday, an online website called “Specialized Military Ammunition” associated with Haig indicated it was shutting down for business “indefinitely.”

Sources tell News 3 that Haig’s name was found on a mailing label on at least one shipping box inside Paddocks’ room at Mandalay Bay. That discovery sparked a search warrant.

However, LVMPD has repeatedly said the Route 91 massacre was a lone wolf attack.

“There was only one person and that was Stephen Paddock,” said LVMPD Sheriff Joe Lombardo in a recent press conference.

In the months following the shooting, LVMPD has fought in court to keep records sealed, citing an ongoing and separate federal investigation. However, at this point, it’s unclear what Haig’s connection to the case may have been.

In a separate court hearing Tuesday, a separate judge ordered the Clark County Coroner to release autopsy reports for all the Route 91 victims and autopsy of shooter Stephen Paddock.

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