Stabbing victim killed was returning to store to buy a drink

Wife of random stabbing victim says husband's second decision may have been what cost him his life. 4/20/17 (Christy Wilcox | KSNV)

Balente Gonzalez is a father of three kids and husband to Angelica Villagomez. The mother of three said when Gonzalez woke up he told her bye, have a good day then gave her a kiss. She said it's like a pain without a cure and that's the worst part.

Hours after Gonzalez said goodbye, Villagomez got an unexpected call from family. She said a family member called her after Balente’s manager recognized his truck on the news. She decided to go check on him.

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Villagomez went to the gas station but never saw her husband.

Gonzalez had already been taken to the hospital but died before he got to UMC.

"I saw his truck and it felt like the worst day of my life," said Villagomez.

Police say 32-year-old Richi Briones chased a man with a knife near East Stewart before he went to store to buy a gun, but was turned down for the purchase. Briones allegedly stabbed a man at a sushi restaurant afterward.

"Pretty scary not to know when you go to work if you are going to come home safely one day," said Maggie Smith, who works a few doors away.

Finally, police say Briones went to the same gas station where Gonzalez decided he'd go back inside the store a second time to get snacks.

"It didn't happen when he went to go pay for the gas. It happened when he went back inside to buy the drink and cigarettes," said Villagomez.

As this family tries to move forward, Villagomez said she will grieve one step at a time.

"I will be strong because I made him that promise. I told him I would be strong for his kids and I'm not going to stop"

The family of Balente Gonzalez is trying to raise funeral funds through a GoFundMe page. If you would like to donate, click here.

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