Stadium Authority gets Raiders-Rebels update

Stadium Authority gets Raiders-Rebels update. 6/08/17 (Jeff Gillan | KSNV)

The trick will be to make a stadium for the Raiders, feel just like home for UNLV’s football Rebels. It won’t be hard, says UNLV’s representative on the Stadium Authority board.

“The band in there, the cheerleaders, the team running out there - all the signage. The video boards. It's easily turned into a UNLV home game,” says Mike Newcomb, who is the Executive Director of the Thomas & Mack Center on campus.

On Thursday, the board got walked through dozens of items that needed to be ironed out between the two teams, as they establish a legal and working relationship. Board members were given a four-page handout of items, single-spaced, covering stadium signage to field maintenance.

Newcomb tells News 3 the Raiders and UNLV met last week, continuing discussions that have been ongoing for months.

“The passion from the Raiders is there to support and help UNLV,” Newcomb says. “I don’t think there are any major hurdles in there that we won’t get worked out.”

“There is a general consensus that almost everything in the facility will be UNLV’s during game day,” authority consultant Jeremy Aguero told the board.

The board is supposed to get a draft agreement between the two teams in July. It's one of the more than a dozen legal documents that still need to be wrapped up, with a goal of getting all the legal stuff put to bed by October.

“We would like to be able to spend the holidays not negotiating 13 more agreements,” says Stadium Authority Chairman Steve Hill.

The timetable is important. The Raiders need to have construction begin in December, commencing on an aggressive 30-month schedule, in order to get the Raiders and the Rebels playing in the fall of 2020.

Next week the contractors, Mortenson Construction and McCarthy Building Companies, are holding a project kickoff meeting with interested stadium subcontractors and suppliers.

Aguero told the board Thursday, that approximately 280 vendors have signed up on the authority’s website indicating interest in doing stadium business.

A hike in room taxes is helping to build the one point nine-billion-dollar facility. The tax hike went into effect in March. During March and April, the two months with available numbers, the boost has brought in $8,900,298, which is 18.5% ahead of projections.

Good news for a stadium – and a school – that can’t wait for a new place to play.

“Maybe the stadium is glowing red as you're walking up for a night game,” says UNLV’s Newcomb.


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