Stadium Authority meeting dominated by talk of jobs in Raiders stadium project

Wild start to the Raiders Las Vegas stadium authority meeting. Steve Sisolak tossed miniature Raiders footballs to the crowd. 7/13/17 (Craig Fiegener | KSNV)

A scheduled meeting of the Stadium Authority was dominated unexpectedly by talk of jobs associated with the Raiders stadium project.

“I see a flyer being distributed in West Las Vegas to bring 5,000 men and women to this event to get a job,” said Archie Walden, who spoke at the meeting.

It’s unclear who was behind it, but a flyer claimed a job fair at the Clark County Government Center, with the goal of recruiting “5,000 black men and women who want to go to work."

Because of the flyer, hundreds of people showed up in search of work. The crowd was so large that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was forced to close off access to the parking lots.

Many people who were hoping to find work decided to speak during public comment at the onset of the commission meeting.

During the entire stadium meeting, public speakers returned to the topic of stadium-related jobs, and who will get them once construction begins.

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