Experiencing static shock, here's why

Wondering what causes that static shock out of no where? News 3 has the answer. (KSNV)

Most of us have felt it before, that sudden zap, shocking sensation when touching something.

At times, it can be slightly painful for others it's slightly annoying.

“Way too many times to count,” one woman said.

The cold and dry weather is causing static shock to happen more often.

Chief Meteorologist Kevin Janison explains why.

“During the winter, the air is much drier. During the summer there is more moisture, the air is thicker and as a result, it sort of insulates us from the electricity. There’s electricity all the time,” Janison explained.

Wind doesn’t make is any better.

“Wind tends to dry us out too there's no doubt,” Janison said.

He says the ‘shocking’ will never really stop but will rather happen less frequently when there's more humidity and moisture in the air.

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