"Stay on the phone," father testifies he heard his daughter being killed

David Frostick has been waiting to go to trial for 7 years. 7/25/2016 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

A father from California testified he heard screams from his daughter on the phone the night she was murdered in Las Vegas.

Vic Jenkins testified Thursday his daughter Robin was an aspiring singer.

She lived in Las Vegas with her fiance David Frostick.

On May 10, 2009, Vic called his daughter and he immediately knew something was wrong.

He heard a scuffle in the background.

"She said, "Drop that," said Jenkins.

Then the unthinkable.

"It was a scream I'd never forget. It was a shriek," Jenkins testified.

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The Jenkins family would call for help. Robin would be found stabbed to death shortly after. David Frostick was then arrested.

Officer Daniel Coyne was the first on the scene, he noticed blood on the ground outside the home so he kicked in the door.

Prosecutor Frank Coumou described what happened in his opening statement.

"Suddenly Officer Coyne sees the defendant pop up in the living room area with the knife that has Robin's blood in it," said Coumou.

The officer testified the scene was bloody and he wrestled with the defendant to get him into custody.

The defense argues blood found on Frostick got on him during the arrest, and not a murder.

"Did you tell the officer that was interviewing you when the subject came out of the kitchen it did not appear he had any blood on him," Frostick's attorney, David Schieck, asked. "Yes I did," Officer Coyne responded.

The jury also heard a testimony of what Frostick himself told detectives during his arrest.

"He kept on repeating over and over again that he was sorry," said Coyne.

Coyne testified Frostick apologized more than 20 times that night.

Evidence prosecutors say the apologies resulted from a guilty conscious.

The blood at the crime scene is a very important part of this case.

The defense feels officers tampered with that evidence as they entered the home to conduct their investigation.

The trial is expected to last about another week.

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