Stephen Paddock’s brother gives insight into shooter’s past, possible motive

Stephen Paddock’s brother gives insight into shooter’s past, possible motive (KSNV)

The brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock told KNBC he called the FBI just days after the mass shooting to discuss what happened to his brother.

Bruce Paddock said the last time he spoke to his brother Stephen was about 10 years ago. He wishes they had stayed in better touch and maybe he could have helped prevent the massacre where 58 people were killed and hundreds more were injured.

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“It was always Steve. He didn’t care about anybody else,” said Bruce Paddock in his first TV interview while taping a podcast called about the Las Vegas shooting.

Bruce Paddock described the last conversation with Stephen when Bruce – who is estranged from his family – called his mother.

“She called him and he called me and we talked for about 10 minutes,” said Bruce, adding that the conversation did not go well. “I’ve had just as much of his [expletive] as I could listen to him and that was it. Talking about flying his airplanes to Vegas and galivanting.”

Bruce didn’t hear about Stephen again until he saw his brother’s face on television following the October mass shooting.

“I called my mom and my mom answered the phone and I asked 'is that Steve?' And she said, 'I guess so.' I don't know how to say I'm sorry enough for what's happened."

Bruce remembers the brother who made millions in real estate ventures.

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Investigators say his fortune may have played a role.

“He had lost a significant amount of his monetary wealth in close proximity to 1 October and that may have been a driving factor associated with it,” said Sheriff Joe Lombardo in a January press conference.

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Bruce suggests a possible motive behind the shooting: losing everything.

“His dream to have everything,” said Bruce. “ The loss of the ability to control everything because he was always the controlling brother.”

NBC News confirms Paddock was spending thousands of dollars gambling daily and wired a large sum of money to his girlfriend to build a home in her native Philippines.

Bruce Paddock faces his own legal problems.

Bruce is charged with the possession of child porn, which he denies. He expected to stand trial within the next few weeks.

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