STRANGER DANGER: Young girl kicked, screamed to escape local kidnapper

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A man is locked up in jail accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl walking to school.

Officers say 37-year-old Jorge Gomez-Peretz grabbed the girl Monday morning near Alexander and Tenaya.

According to police, Gomez-Peretz threw the girl into the front passenger seat of a car. She screamed and was able to escape, unharmed.

The girl is a student at Leavitt Middle School, which is located less than two miles from where the incident occurred.

On Tuesday afternoon at a nearby park, Monica Ovando sat in the grass under a tree talking with friends in her Mommy-and-Me group.

The meet-up involves real moms and real talk about raising children.

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“Sometimes it’s really hard for us to get out of the routine,” said Monica Ovando.

Ovando said she has twin girls at Leavitt and hearing about the incident left her scared and unnerved.

"As a mom, I can feel fear as well. It’s sad because this is a beautiful neighborhood,” she continued.

According to Police, Gomez-Peretz had no local criminal history. His bail has been set at $10,000.

Captain Roberto Morales is with Clark County School District Police.

"We don’t live in a perfect world. We have to prepare and adjust,” said Captain Roberto Morales.

Morales said there are steps you can take to make sure your children stay safe.

"A lot of parents sign their kids up for self-defense, boxing, judo, karate. Maybe being astute and planning an escape route. There are so many things, and it depends on the child’s age, ability and confidence,” he continued.

Most importantly, Morales encourages parents to sit down and talk to their kids about “stranger danger.”

Ovando knows it all begins with a conversation.

"Just to know my kids go to that same school. Things could happen,” said Ovando.

It’s the kind of talk the moms in her Mommy-and-Me group are happy to have with their children.

"I need to be more careful,” she continued.

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