String of car break-ins in northwest valley neighborhood raising concerns among neighbors

A rash of car break ins in this NW Valley neighborhood has some folks concerned. One victim tells me there was no damage to his car which was locked...he thinks someone popped his lock to get inside

Three car break-ins in a quiet neighborhood near Ann and Tenaya have some people who live there concerned.

One of the victims says there was no damage to his car but saw all of his things strewn about the vehicle and his change was gone.

“We’re thinking they popped the lock, got in and got what they wanted," Richard Johnson said. "I asked the guys over there, the same thing, was there any damage? No, they popped the lock and kept going.”

In Johnson's case, they didn't take much of anything, except a few dollars in change. He says one of his neighbors also had change stolen, along with a pair of sunglasses and some clothing.

“Someone went into the car to grab change," he said. "They didn’t grab the car seat, they didn’t grab any of the electronics we had in there. They just wanted change.”

Even though it wasn't a lot, Johnson says the situation is upsetting.

“It kinda makes you feel violated," he said. "They didn’t take much, they didn’t damage anything, but, you went inside my personal property.”

Curtis Walker lives near all three of the victims, they're all neighbors. He says he's been spreading the word to the neighborhood to be on the lookout.

"It's just like a random striking of vehicles," he said. "I don't get it."

Johnson says he doesn't know who's responsible but he thinks it was most likely a group of kids making trouble in the area.

He tells News 3 that he plans on buying and installing home surveillance devices soon because of this incident.

"You've gotta protect your property, you've gotta protect yourself," he said.

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