Stripper Chips sliding into a Valley store near you!

Stripper Chips sliding into in a Valley store near you! 6/09/17 (Heather Mills | KSNV)

A new product available in Valley stores has one man hoping what’s made and sold in Vegas, won’t just stay here for long.

The concept, however, is uniquely Vegas. They’re called Stripper Chips. Corn tortilla chips made in the shape of a lady. Right now, they’re “Sinfully Salted” though more flavors could pop up soon.

The marketing concept is kitschy and tongue in cheek. Creator Jon Pepper even got Louie Anderson to do a bit for their advertising.

Peper is a Las Vegas native who now lives and works in LA as a reality TV show producer. He created Stripper Chips, he said, because it was funny and, “This was my unconventional, kind of goofy way of keeping myself to my hometown.”

He said he wanted to keep the product local so he enlisted Tortillas, Inc. in North Las Vegas to create them. Then, he got his mom “Pep” to help him on the assembly line.

“I’m his only employee. He can’t get rid of me," said Pep.

The self-proclaimed “Grandmother of Stripper Chips” said she loves her time on the stripper line. “I work on the production line, picking out the broken parts and eating a lot of them.” She also said she has no qualms eating a chip shaped like a lady. “I’ll take a leg. I’ll take an arm,” she said.

And, locals and tourists seem to love the chips.

“I am 100% for them,” said one woman on Fremont Street. Another said, “It tastes good.”

“I think people will buy it again and again because it is actually a really good tasting chip.” And there’s purpose behind the design," said Peper.

“It’s thick too, to maintain the shape, so I’ve heard a lot of compliments from people who say oh it’s really good for dipping," Pepper tells us.

Peper said this is just the beginning and is hoping to add another flavor; Busty Barbeque and also Stripper Dip.

The chips are $2.99. Right now, you can find the chips at Snackers at 3315 Valley View, Fabulous Freddy’s and at the airport, but Peper said he’s hoping to have them in stores across the Valley very soon.

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