'Super Fan' meets her favorite Golden Knight


Kathleen Craner, a big fan of the Vegas Golden Knights, shares her feelings with News 3 .

"I love watching them through the glass," she says. "They are right there."

Craner, who is a Las Vegas Uber driver, says she did not know what she was missing until she found hockey. She is a permanent front-row fixture at every practice for the Vegas Golden Knights -- a die-hard supporting fan.

Her phone is filled with pictures she's taken with various players -- a team that has literally changed her life.

"I never used to talk to anybody. I have always been so afraid of anybody but family; now I talk to everybody about hockey," says Craner.

Despite her growing interest in the game, Craner had never been to a Knights game until a writer for the NHL jumped in the back of her Uber. They started talking, and the writer sent out a single tweet about the super fan he'd encountered.

Not long after, the Knights organization called, offering two tickets to a very big game.

"Game 5 of the playoffs. The Sharks in round 2. This whole experience has been nothing but amazing!" said Craner.

This was the same game her favorite player, Alex Tuch, scored two goals. And just this week, she posed with him, getting a new photo for her collection.

"Funny thing about that," Tutch said. "I went to have lunch at Zupa's yesterday. As I step out of my car, guess who steps out of her car?"

"He came over and gave me a hug and asked if I enjoyed the game," said Craner.

"She is a really sweet lady. Thinks the world of me, I do not know why," said Tuch.

Craner says it is because the 21-year-old rookie seems to have fun on the ice -- something she appreciates, coming out of a difficult time in her own life.

"I lost 110 pounds. I could not have done this before then," says Craner.

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