Superintendent discusses five-year vision for CCSD

CCSD Townhall in Henderson.jpg

Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara discussed his five-year vision for the school district at a town hall Monday held at the Henderson Convention Center.

His goal is by year 2024—to have all students progress in school.

“So we must do better for our community (and) as a school system," Dr. Jara said.

He says he wants students to be fully prepared and able to succeed and contribute to what he calls a 'diverse global society'.

Dr. Jara says right now, the district is dealing with a funding program that’s broken.

He says wants it to be fixed.

“Some kids cost us more money to educate that’s the reality. Because they have different challenges so we need to have funding that follows the child," Dr. Jara said.

Jara says right now—20% of students don’t feel safe at school—and over 20% are chronically absent.

He says he wants to increase student achievement, adequacy, the percentage of students who feel safe at school and do a better job with recruiting and retaining teachers.

“We have a lot of work to do which is what you knew. Now it’s in paper and pencil and now we have recommendations that we will address," Dr. Jara said.

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