FULL SPEECH | Donald Trump rallies, thrills thousands in Henderson

Trump speaks to crowds at the Henderson Pavilion Oct 5 2016 (KSNV)

You could not ask for a better October day, but as he faced a crowd his campaign estimated at more than 7,000, Donald Trump had a question.

"How many of you watched the Vice Presidential debate last night?" he asked to cheers.

Monday night in Farmville, Va., Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, delivered a debate performance that many considered better than his top-of-the-ticket.

"Mike Pence did an incredible job, and I'm getting a lot of credit because that's my first, so-called, choice, my first hire, as we would say in Las Vegas," Trump said.

For more than an hour, Trump, mixing remarks that were both impromptu and scripted, threw red meat to a crowd that loved every word.

"Hillary Clinton has been there for 30 years and hasn't fixed anything," he said. "She failed overseas, producing only death and destruction. She unleashed ISIS, she destabilized Iraq and Libya, and put Iran on the path to nuclear weapons in less than 10 years now.”

He promised to end trade deals; bring jobs back.

"We are living through the greatest job theft in the history of the world. Our jobs are being stolen," Trump said. "I will be the greatest jobs President that God ever created."

Amen, said Rosann Carson. She and her husband were in the audience.

"My husband and I lost our jobs on the same day because the company we worked for moved our jobs out of this country," Carson said. "Both of us lost our jobs on the first day."

Trump spent much of his hour promising to restore law and order, even though crime, in many parts of the country, has fallen. However, in some of America's major cities, Trump talked about the bloodbath of killing that has especially ravaged communities of color.

He accused Democrats of abandoning African Americans. He asked them to join him.

"What have you got to lose?" Trump asked.

At one point, Trump invited onstage the families of those whose relatives were killed by illegal immigrants. Trump said he would kick criminal illegal immigrants out.

"When I am President, we are getting them out of our country, and we're getting them out quickly, fast," Trump said.

Among the thousands here were many who told me they liked what they saw as Trump's authenticity, as politically incorrect as it can be. For them, that's a plus.

"He speaks from what everybody is saying, and what they are thinking, "Katie Davis told News 3.

She came here with her two boys, "to witness history," she said. As for what Trump says, "it's not always the right thing, but he means well," she added.

Today's rally featured familiar sights - Hillary in Jail t-shirts, Make America Great Again hats - and it had a new wrinkle. A young man walked up the pavilion aisle carrying the sign "Gays for Trump."

Nestor Moto Jr. told me he came here from California. He says the shooting at an Orlando gay bar put him in the Trump camp.

"Donald Trump doesn't care what you look like, who you sleep with," Moto, who's gay, told News 3. "Donald Trump wants to make sure you are safe in your home and not killed by radical Islamic terrorism," he added, in a reference to the Orlando shooter, who authorities say took inspiration from ISIS.

There were small groups of anti-Trump protesters outside.

In a statement, Nevada Democrats said Trump is "dangerously unfit for the White House."

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