Suspected copper thief stuck in attic of vacant Las Vegas grocery store

3-16-18 copper thief.png

Police officers were trying to get someone out of the attic of a vacant Las Vegas grocery store Friday.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers got a report just before 10 a.m. Friday, March 16, that a man was stuck in the attic of a shopping center near Craig and Rancho.

A maintenance worker on site said a burglar alarm was tripped, and that he saw a woman jump 10 feet from a ladder thrown beside the roof. The worker said he saw a man hide in the attic.

Police said they couldn't put canines into the attic because it would be too dangerous for the dogs.

Officers said the man was staying in the attic by choice. Sources close to the case say he is an alleged copper thief who already stole about $1.7 million in copper found in the cooling ductwork.

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