Suspects in salon burglaries caught after leaving fingerprint on trash can

Serial Salon Robbers.PNG

The accused mastermind behind a string of break-ins at salon shops across the Las Vegas valley since February was identified by police after a fingerprint was found at one of the businesses, according to an arrest report obtained by News 3.

Henderson detectives have been tracking the crimes since February which were all smash-and-grab heists, where the suspect made off with thousands of dollars in high-end beauty products.

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“I’ve never had so much product taken in one shot,” said Tamara Ferrigno, an owner at the Mirror Mirror Salon in Henderson.

Police said the crooks targeted at least eight salon shops, mostly in Henderson.

After a five-month investigation, police arrested Kenneth McDougall and Jesenia Guerrero.

The break in the case came from a fingerprint found on a trash can at one of the salons. Police say the fingerprint belonged to McDougall — a known felon — who later admitted to the string of crimes.

“It seems like the main product they were taking was Moroccan oil. Moroccan oil is more of a high-end thing and it's harder to get a hold of,” said Ferrigno.

Police say Guerrero helped move the stolen hair product away from the salons.

Police believe the suspects may be connected to even more crimes throughout the valley.

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