Swift water rescuers pluck man, woman from canal in North Las Vegas

Swift water rescuers pluck man, woman from canal in North Las Vegas (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

News 3 cameras were rolling Tuesday as swift water rescuers moved into action to save two homeless people trapped in a wash.

The rescue happened around 10 a.m. near Belmont and Carey in North Las Vegas.

It started as a routine patrol for North Las Vegas police officers until they heard two people screaming for help.

“Water started rising quickly. I'd say within 2-3 minutes, it rose about seven feet,” explained Cedric Williams with North Las Vegas Fire.

Firefighters from North Las Vegas, Clark County, and the city of Las Vegas quickly rushed in to set up a pulley system.

It’s the kind of rescue they train for year round.

“Basically you're seeing all three departments work together,” said Williams. “You'll hear them communicating. It's like being on a basketball team or another sport team. Just so they're all on the same page."

The rain made the rescue tough to see, even from the News 3 cameras.

Williams said it was a true team effort to save two lives.

Both people were taken to nearby homeless shelters.

“They're very, very fortunate. Just being out in the elements. How cold it is,” said Williams. “I'm sure they're counting their blessings right now."

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