Tariff touches Las Vegas

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On March first, President Donald Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum. In the week that followed, Republicans have urged him to scale back. His economic advisor resigned, and several companies have come out against the deal.

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In Las Vegas, a number of major projects are in the early stages of construction, including the nearly $2 Billion home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Shortly after the President’s announcement, members of Local #872 started asking how it would affect them.

“Without steel were not building,” Tommy White told us.

White is confident that a tariff on steel won’t hurt Vegas but instead will help the country in the long run.

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“What everyone is going to be doing is running out and buying domestic steel. I know from talking to the builders today we're going to be using domestic steel," says White.

As for the Raider’s stadium, White tells us the steel was already ordered. One week before the President's announcement.

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