CCSD teacher accused of abusing autistic student due in court


The local teacher now facing a felony child abuse charge is expected to enter a plea on Friday.

The question swirling around this case is whether the teacher will plead guilty, especially after we got word from the child's mother that a plea deal may be in the works.

That mother, Crystal Nomura-Harper, has wholeheartedly spoken out against that happening, saying she will continue to fight for justice on behalf of her autistic son.

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Nomura-Harper spread around photos that she says they were taken the day of the incident, and that they show the injuries and bruising her son was left with at the hands of his former teacher, Kathryn Navride. She added that her child's doctor says the marks on his arms are consistent with restraint marks or hard grabbing, left by behind from hands.

The investigation around the special education teacher -- who goes by "Ms. Katie" in the classroom, began this past spring. Police say it was Navrides' teacher's aide who initially came forward, saying she saw her grabbing and shaking the four-year-old in Deskin Elementary's autism program.

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The little boy later told his mom that it was "Ms. Katie" who left him with the marks.

"For this to happen, it breaks my heart to this day,” said Nomura-Harper. “You kind of put it on the back burner on a daily basis, but [by] releasing these and seeing these, I want everyone to be aware of what can happen in school."

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On the side of the defense, we have also been speaking to Navrides' attorney, who asks that the public to wait for official judgement before making a decision on her guilt.

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