New dining & entertainment complex coming to southwest Las Vegas

It's one of the fastest growing areas in Las Vegas. New homes, restaurants, and businesses are popping up across the southwest part of the Valley.

Now, a massive dining and entertainment plaza called “The Bend” is in the works.

The complex will be located on about 17 acres of land at Sunset and Durango, across the street from Ikea. It is expected to open at the end of 2019.

For busy moms like Kaylene Knox, she can’t imagine living anywhere but the Southwest Valley. That’s because everything she needs is close to her home.

"There’s just a lot around us. A lot of grocery stores. Ikea is right here too. Ikea is nice. We always shop at Ikea,” said Kaylene Knox.

Soon, there will be more dining and entertainment options for her to choose from.

J Dapper is the developer of “The Bend.”

"We sit on the bend of the 215. This is a place with two freeway off-ramps. We’ve got one right here at Sunset and then another one at Durango,” explained J Dapper.

The complex will feature modern mid-century architecture and focus on offering local dining options.

"We’re very excited to have Galaxy Movie Theater. They’re going to have 80,000 square feet of luxury,” said J Dapper. “I’m talking to a lot of amazing tenants like Skinny Fats, Lotus of Siam, Aces & Ales Brewery and Vesta Coffee.”

The collection of restaurants will be surrounded by new homes going up across the area.

Joe Sorge is the developer for Evo Apartments. The nearby complex is expanding to keep up with demand in the neighborhood.

"People need places to live so they’re building homes over there, we’re building apartments over here, senior housing over here," said Sorge. "So it’s a reflection of the growth we’re experiencing in Las Vegas."

As for Knox, she says it’s the Galaxy Movie Theater she is looking forward to most.

"We drive all the way out to Henderson for the Galaxy Theater, so it would be nice to have one closer,” explained Knox.

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