The Big Search finds 13 missing children in Las Vegas

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    Walking outside the Boulevard Mall, Aros Mackey stopped anyone who would listen.

    "Hey guys, we're searching for missing kids," he said.

    The shoppers picked up a flyer that showed missing children who are missing in Las Vegas.

    Mackey knows more than 300,000 people are visiting Las Vegas for the Super Bowl.

    The large crowds make it a vulnerable time for children who are targeted for human trafficking.

    It's why Mackey and more than 200 other volunteers spent three days searching for missing kids.

    They are performing The Big Search.

    They're searching for 36 children who vanished among the bright lights of Las Vegas.

    Mackey wants to track down the children, before it's too late.

    He said most people he approaches are friendly and open to what he has to say.

    "Once they get past oh we're not preaching, we're not selling anything, we're just looking for kids, we want to bring someone's babies back home," said Aros Mackey.

    The Big Search starts inside a small office on East Sahara.

    At the entrance, the names and pictures of Las Vegas' missing children hang on a wall.

    Some are runaways and others just dissappeared.

    Heather Doto is with Nevada Child Seekers.

    She said it's the only non-profit in our state dedicated to finding missing and endangered children.

    "The longer they're out there, the more they are exposed to, people trying to track them down, traffickers, predators, who knows what's out there," said Heather Doto.

    "The longer they're out there, the longer they're gone, the most at risk they're at and no one is watching what they're doing. They go into survival mode and do whatever it takes to survive on the streets," she continued.

    The Big Search lasts for three days.

    Volunteers visit malls, businesses and hotels, talking with clerks and people on the street.

    "The truth is, these kids aren't hidden away in a box. They're not hidden away in some room. They're actually walking around right in front of us and the reason why this works is because, this gets the public looking for them," explained Doto.

    "We began the search with 30 kids. We've located 13 and because we're working so well, we decided to add six more," she continued.

    No lead is too small for volunteers.

    Some information can make a huge difference in an investigation.

    The tips gathered by volunteers are forwarded to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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