The big tax bill and our Senate race: Anybody get a bump?

Taxpayers who own a home will lose a key tax deduction under the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. The mortgage interest deduction is repealed and fundamentally replaced by an increase in the standard deduction. (MGN Online)

It’s a picture Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nevada, can take to the bank, Wednesday, at the White House.

“It's the largest tax cut in the history of our country,” President Trump said, surrounded by virtually every Republican in Congress.

But not every Republican stood where Heller did. Just a few feet behind Trump, wearing a broad-smile as Republicans and the President took a victory lap with the passage of their tax bill.

“We've provided middle-class tax relief. We have created jobs. We have increased wages and we have made companies in America competitive again,” Heller told News 3 on Wednesday.

So how will this play in Nevada's hotly contested Senate race, which will shape up to be one of the most closely-watched in the country?

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“You know, this tax bill could end up helping or hurting everybody in this senate race,” says UNLV Associate Professor of History Michael Green.

Becuase it will lower taxes for eight in ten Americans, including most middle and working-class families. Heller gets a boost. Because those tax cuts for middle-class Americans expire in 8 years, Democrat Jacky Rosen gets an issue.

“These tax cuts for large corporations and the very wealthy are permanent but some of them for individuals are temporary,” Rosen told me from Washington.

And because it's Dean Heller, Heller's Republican primary opponent gets an issue, too.

“If this is the greatest accomplishment Dean Heller has, voting with every other Republican to pass a tax reform bill and that's all he's gonna run his hat on - that's a sad disposition of his 6 years in the Senate,” says Danny Tarkanian.

Tarkanian is a Steve-Bannon backed Trump true believer. Today, Heller had an issue with Tark on talk radio, speaking with 790AM’s Kevin Wall.

“He can’t win. He’s a phony and a fake,” Heller told Wall. “And we’ve already been through the Roy Moore process, here in the State of Nevada. That’s how we re-elected Harry Reid. I don’t think that conservatives in Nevada want another Roy Moore moment and that’s what they would get with Danny Tarkanian.”

Moore was the flawed GOP candidate who went down to defeat last week in Alabama. In 2010, Tea Party darling Sharron Angle lost her race to Reid, who retired from the US Senate in January.

So, everybody has issues, in a Nevada race that's just about to really heat up.

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