The City of Las Vegas tests new plastic material to keep squatters out of vacant homes

New, state-of-the-art technology could prevent squatters from taking over homes in Las Vegas. 5/5/2016 [Jami Seymore/KSNV]

The City of Las Vegas is looking to prevent people from breaking into abandoned properties. City planners said they currently use plywood to board windows and doors as a preventative measure.

"Unfortunately, from the downturn we have a lot of vacant properties," said Tom Perrigo, Las Vegas Director of Planning.

Officials said they currently use plywood, but they don't believe this is the most effective way to keep people, drugs, and trash out of vacant properties. It often costs the city thousands of dollars to re-board them after people break-in.

"It detracts from the safety of the neighborhood and the look and the feel of the neighborhood," said Perrigo.

On Thursday, city officials joined Community Blight Solutions, a company out of Cleveland, Ohio brought a solution, a polycarbonate that looks like a window but is more durable for long-term use. Polycarbonate is the same material used to build airplane windows. It looks similar to glass, but as the company demonstrated today, it is almost indestructible when it is hit with a hammer.

"We use a proactive approach we'll save neighborhoods, we'll save money," said Robert Klein.

Company owner, Robert Klein, spent a year developing the solution, he said is used all over the United States. City planners said they have put the material on one test home and plan to test more homes in the coming weeks. Although more costly than boarding a house depending on the size, if the city uses this material moving forward, Klein said they won't have to replace material as often or spend as much time on labor to keep vacant homes from getting destroyed.

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