The easiest way to find the best trails in Nevada

The easiest way to find the best trails in Nevada. 5/02/17 (KSNV)

Attention off-roaders there’s a new way to find the best trails faster.

The Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition has put together a website that is a one stop shop for all off road needs.

The site can connect riders with clubs or meetups, has information on dealerships, but its greatest feature might be its interactive map.

The map lays out all of the legal trails across the state and shows nearby hotels and campsites, gas stations, even places to get needed repairs.

It's funded by a grant and sustained, in part, with money from registrations.

The only problem seems to be a lack of registrations. Despite it being the law, only 10% of off-road vehicle owners register their vehicle with the state. The fee for registration is $21 a year and the money is used to maintain trails.

The coalition hopes this will show people that the registration is worth the price, and encourage them to get legal.

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