Grandparents of 25-year-old homeless man found dead in the desert speaks out


The grandparents of a 25-year-old homeless man found murdered in the desert are speaking out.

Michael Hadley, the murder victim's grandfather said, "we were on vacation over New Mexico driving home when the coroner called us."

It's the dreaded call Michael and Heidi Hadley hoped they would never receive.

Over the weekend, people riding horses found 25-year-old Michael Hadley in the desert area about an hour Northwest of Las Vegas.

"It's so heart wrenching to know that somebody could do that to somebody else," said Heidi Hadley, the murder victim's grandmother.

Hadley says her grandson had been homeless for five years battling heroin addiction. She tells us she stayed in contact weekly with her grandson until she never heard from him since Dec. 18.

"He was such a happy jolly child. We raised him until the time he was little," said Hadley.

The Hadley's say their grandson was stabbed to death.

Metro homicide detectives told them they believe the murder happened in Las Vegas.

"The thought of him out there by himself. There's no amount of worldly possessions so important that a human life should be taken," Hadley said.

Hadley has a message for the killer.

"If you are watching this broadcast if you have any decency for human life please, turn yourself in. We forgive you. Just give us some closure", says Hadley.

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