The Knight Line drummers whip fans into a frenzy

Knights drummers.PNG

Much has been said and written about the impressive home-ice advantage for the Knights when they play at the T-Mobile Arena.

A big part of that is the noise level from the fans who make it clear to visiting teams, that you are in "our house."

Something no other NHL team has -- a drum band.

The big drums flash with lights, just like the suits the musicians wear.

You've heard their pounding beats during the games; now meet the guys holding those drumsticks who make up the Knight Line.

"It's like we are the heartbeat of the game, that pulse, and rhythm, that whole, 'Go Knights go,' you feel that pulse," said Number 58, Shannon Ellinas, a Knight Line founder.

That accent you're picking up is South African. Ellinas brought his passion for percussion from his native country to Las Vegas a couple of years ago, forming a group called the "Drumbots."

They were playing smaller gigs around town, until one day the Knights came calling booking them for just one night, at first.

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The home opener at T-Mobile and the moving 'Vegas Strong' tribute to our heroes, days after the One October shooting.

"With the tragedy and everything, it was more than a game, it was for the whole city, they loved us and we loved them. We've been here, we've been rocking it, and it's been going down, man," said Steven Buck with Knight Line.

One night turned into a full-time gig.

Playing every Knights home game and rocking out in and around the T-Mobile Arena long before the puck drops to get fans pumped.

"This has been an insane ride for us, we did the first game and they said we love it. We want you guys to be the Knight Line for the entire season, and now we're in the playoffs. It's been amazing to be a part of this whole thing," said Ellinas.

The drummers are an important part, settling into their perch up in the fortress for game time amplifying the energy level that makes the T-Mobile Arena an intimidating place for visiting teams. Their beats match the pounding pulse of the game.

"We're grateful the city has embraced us. It's not normal to have a drum line in the NHL, but we feel Vegas has taken us in and we love it, we love this city," says Ellinas.

It's clear they love what they do and they love our Knights.

Other teams did not think they were good enough to keep, but they have been proving them all wrong from the very start. They're not done yet!

"Going to the Stanley Cup and hopefully bringing it home baby, you know what time it is, the Golden Knights, baby, let's go," said Buck.

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