Finding hope and healing without answers

Finding hope and healing without answers. 10/06/17 (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

It’s a question that haunts Las Vegas. What was the gunman’s motive Sunday?

People are coming to grips with the fact that we may never know why a madman did what he did. But a breathtaking memorial is allowing people to remember the unforgettable.

In the shadow of the iconic Las Vegas sign, is a symbol of hope. Small, white wooden crosses are small windows into 58 lives lost.

Stephanie Duran did not lose anyone in the shooting.

“I know none of them,” said Duran, but she came to the memorial to honor those who did. “All day I knew I had to come by and pray for each and every one of them."

She stops at each cross and says a short prayer.

Heather Melton stood hugging her family at the cross dedicated to her husband.

“My husband was Sonny. He saved my life during the gunfire,” said Melton.

She said her husband shielded her, sacrificing his life, to save hers.

“This is a really nice way for us to say our goodbyes before we bring him home,” she noted.

We may never know with absolute certainty why the gunman did what he did Sunday.

Dr. Jim Jobin is a licensed clinical professional counselor in Las Vegas. He said the lack of answers leaves people unsatisfied and anxious.

“I think it's hard to recover when you don't have any answers,” said Dr. Jobin.

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“After a tragedy, usually comes trauma and after trauma comes truth, and that's how people reach closure and right now we don't have those answers,” he continued.

For now, every hug and every tear shed is a silent plea for hope and healing.

“Right now the nicest and kindest thing you can do for victims and survivors is just to be present with them,” said Dr. Jobin. “Imagine their grief as if it's smoke filling their room. Breathe that smoke in on their behalf."

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