'The scare of her life': Thieves try to rob woman at gunpoint while using drive-thru ATM

Two men tried to rob someone at an ATM near Tropicana and McLeod. (KSNV)

A woman was forced to stare down the barrel of a gun while sitting in her car at an ATM.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is hoping to use security photos to track down two crooks who tried to rob woman at gunpoint.

The attempted robbery happened just after 10 p.m. Tuesday, January 29 on the west side of town at Tropicana and Hualapai.

The victim said it was the scare of her life.

The suspects got away empty-handed, but they’re still on the run.

According to LVMPD officer Larry Hadfield, the two would-be robbers walked up to the victim’s car and stuck a gun in her face.

Hadfield said they tried to rob her in full view of security cameras.

“In this case, she took the opportunity to escape,” said Hadfield.

The woman in the car hit the gas pedal.

Hadfield said she was able to get away quickly, leaving the suspects empty-handed.

“If you can, don't be a victim of a crime. But make sure, you're not fighting for your life because you wouldn't provide some property to someone,” explained Hadfield.

“In the end, if someone steals something from you, that's just stuff. But if you lose your life, that's obviously going to affect you a lot more,” continued Hadfield.

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