The search for Las Vegas’ missing

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As thousands travel to Minnesota, and thousands more travel to Las Vegas to watch and bet on the big game, volunteers in town are on a life-saving mission. FREE International and the Nevada Child Seekers are searching for missing kids.

Thirty at-risk kids are the focus of this year's Big Search. The annual event targets Superbowl weekend because human trafficking numbers rise as visitors come to town.

Armed with pamphlets and booklets crowded with faces of the missing, volunteers will hit the streets day and night this weekend to try and track them down. They hand out the pamphlets to doormen and security guards in the hopes they might see a familiar face.

They send pamphlets to Minnesota so the crowds of fans may recognize someone.

And it's working. Margarita Edwards from Nevada Child Seekers told us so, “Getting those flyers out, now their faces are out there. The follow up is last year we were able to get 33 of the 40 (kids).”

On night one of the Big Search, they found one kid and had the information they believe would lead them to several others.

“We got a ton of information today.” FREE International’s Michael Bartell told us. “I’m excited to wake up tomorrow

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