The Sport of Luxury: Professional polo is coming to Las Vegas


Prep your champagne glasses and get ready to stomp some divots, polo is coming to Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Polo Classic takes place on April 14 and 15.

On Wednesday, players came out to Star Nursery Field to do a quick ride.

The match is moving from the indoor arena at the South Point Casino to the outdoor 15-acre grass field next to Sam Boyd. This year four teams will compete. 16 polo players and 100 horses will be in attendance.

Player Tony Yahyai says polo is almost like soccer on horses and says the sport of polo is the sport of kings.

Yahyai says the rules incorporate defense, offense, and center positions, but there is no goalie.

Four players are on each team, they ride on horseback with a mallet in their hand trying to get the ball in the opponent's goal.

During a match, the players are going 35- 40 miles per hour on the field.

“They run the distance of a Kentucky Derby twice within 7 and a half minutes," said Randy Russell with US Polo.

It's also a sport that attracts luxury.

News 3 spoke with London, CEO of NV Jets.

She says those looking for the royal treatment will step foot in something much nicer than a divot; a private plane.

Attendees can get a private tent on "Millionaires Row" for $2,500 and have the chance to participate the Land Rover Million Dollar Road Rally.

"3 people to leave from Star Nursery Drive to our hangar, get on a private jet, organize Tiffany's jewelry according to price," said London.

The adventure continues to a private mansion and back to the field to compete against others.

There will be two matches per day and the traditional champagne half-time divot stomp will take place in between.

It's an event unique to the Las Vegas outdoors and comes with an upscale price. Packages for 4 people are starting at $800.

For more information on tickets or the match itself head here.

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