THE SWEET STOP: Welcome to Eddie World

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If you've driven from Las Vegas to Los Angeles recently, you've probably seen it.

There's a giant "ice cream sundae" rising up from the California desert.

The sign belongs to "Eddie World."

It's an enormous, 27,000 square foot candy store that the owner refers to as a "destination."

The store is in the tiny town of Yermo. Since opening in January, it has already built up quite a following.

It's one of those places you barely notice from the highway.

With a population of less than 2,000 people, Yermo blends easily into the desert landscape.

Long-time residents like Allen Fieste like it that way.

"You gotta have toys out here. Gotta have fun out here", says Allen.

In January, a new neighbor moved in with all the subtlety of a carnival midway.

"There's no place like this", says executive chef Miguel Jaimes.

It's called Eddie World. The giant water tower, wrapped in an ice cream cone out front is too much to resist.

"They'll start screaming, 'Why is it so big? I don't understand!'", says the owner, Alex Ringle.

"Eddie World is that one-stop shop between LA and Vegas. It's exactly halfway so it's the natural stopping point", says Ringle.

Ringle says the store is named after his father.

The 27,000 square foot candy store smack dab in the Mojave Desert.

It might not be in the middle of nowhere--but pretty close.

From chocolate to dried fruit, if you can't find it at this highway sweet spot, you probably don't need it.

Jerry Simons and his family are in from Utah, with a little time to kill on their drive back home.

"I remember seeing them build this and wondering what it was", says Simons.

This is actually the second Eddie World. The first is in Beatty, Nevada, but this one is bigger and the owner is bringing a few fresh surprises to the California desert.

"For our poke and sushi we only bring in the best tuna", says Jaimes.

That's right, sushi at a highway road stop. In fact, there's a full culinary staff whipping up fast fired pizza and more.

"Our slogan is our fish is two hours fresher. They literally drive it every day in a truck, and that truck drives right through Yermo before heading to Vegas", says Ringle.

From the freshly made caramel popcorn and jerky, to homemade ice cream and a wall dedicated to the Los Angeles Lakers -- they have it all.

It is the candy that's the center of attention.

Row after row, there is so much to choose from.

It's a sweet reason to stop in Yermo.

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