The very real robots of Las Vegas' future

Robots in the near future.PNG

Las Vegas Boulevard might be the most recognizable address in the country.

Famous for its hotels and casinos and if that strip is entertainments present, its future might be in a classroom of 29 students just three miles away.

The University of Nevada Las Vegas is in the middle of their first-semester diving into that new frontier.

A new program there combines hospitality students with engineering and computer science students to try and design hotels of the future.

"This particular program is about reaching across the schools of engineering and hospitality and computer science and thinking about that industry and what can we do to change it," said Robert Rippee, UNLV Director of the Hospitality Lab.

Some of the new ideas are taking shape on campus from autonomous humanoid robots taking orders and running security simultaneously to adaptable hotel rooms that change with the guest new.

Rippee showed us their unofficial mascot, FURO as we sat down to talk about what Las Vegas could look like ten years from now.

Rippee says his students are not bound by convention, they think about what could be and look at technology today and say 'what if we push that further.

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