These firefighters can climb to the top of the Stratosphere, can you?


In just under two weeks, hundreds of people will scale the Stratosphere to raise awareness for lung health.

For the first time, a group of firefighters dressed in full gear will join them on the climb from the bottom to the top.

On Monday morning, firefighters with Las Vegas Local 1285 climbed the stairs inside of the Stratosphere's tower in full gear.

This group trained their lungs to be able to endure real-life rescue missions. This climb works as a training exercise they do on occasion. These firefighters are some of the only people to do this exercise as first responders are the only people allowed in the tower on a daily basis to train.

"The reality is there may come a time when they actually have to climb maybe not necessarily 108 floors, but multiple floors in full gear," said Eric Littmann, Las Vegas Firefighters Local 1285.

For first the first time, these first responders will join hundreds of others for the American Lung Association's "Scale the Strat."

This annual event that lets non-first responders inside the walls of the Stratosphere's tower to climb up 108 stories of stairs. The goal is to raise money and support for the American Lung Association of Nevada to prevent lung disease and promote lung health.

Last year, Scale the Start saw record-breaking attendance of more than 800 climbers raising more than $237,000.

Scale the Strat takes place on February 25th at the Stratosphere.

Registration is now open here.

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