'They drug us out of bed': Home invasion suspects face a judge in court

Immanuel Collins and Samuel Roaque appeared before a judge Wednesday inside a Clark County courtroom, suspected in a violent home invasion of an elderly couple. (KSNV)

A local husband and wife were the victims of a violent home invasion and now they’re getting their first look at the robbers police say are responsible for the brazen attack.

Immanuel Collins and Samuel Roaque appeared before a judge Wednesday inside a Clark County courtroom.

Prosecutors say the two men broke into Bob and Carin Bachant’s home and attacked them before ransacking the place.

Police say the men also used the couple’s credit cards, along with a third suspect, Josette Paga.

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The attack happened Dec. 27 inside the couple’s home near Flamingo Road and Decatur Boulevard.

“All I know is they drug us out of bed and we were downstairs,” explained Bob Bachant. “My lungs got bruised and they broke ribs."

“I only have one memory. Three faces. The next thing I remembered, I was in an ambulance,” said Karin Bachant.

The couple is still healing and trying to make sense of what happened to them.

“Nothing made sense. Who are you? What do you want? It was like nothing made sense,” said Bob.

“You can see they also must've choked me because I'm bruised all the way down here,” said Karin.

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The couple will heal but justice could take awhile.

Prosecutors need more information from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department before filing criminal charges.

All three suspects are expected to be back in court Friday morning.

Prosecutors also say the suspects may have had other victims.

That’s because the suspects could be linked to a different home invasion that happened back in November. Police say they had stolen credit cards that were taken from the home.

Detectives are still looking for two suspects in connection with the Bachants' case.

One outstanding male is a suspect in the home invasion as well as the illegal use of the credit cards. One outstanding female is a suspect in the illegal use of the Bachants' credit cards.

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