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Things heating up in Fiore FBI investigation

FILE: Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore is the subject of an FBI probe. (KSNV)
FILE: Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore is the subject of an FBI probe. (KSNV)
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A federal investigation and now conflicting comments from members of the Las Vegas City Council.

The back and forth over an alleged FBI investigation into Michele Fiore takes another turn.

As was first reported Monday by the Review-Journal, the FBI has been interviewing people in an investigation into Fiore.

One of the people who had confirmed they were interviewed is fellow Councilwoman Victoria Seaman.

That interview happened one week ago, on July 6.

The FBI has no comment -- they will not confirm or deny any investigation -- and we don't know what the FBI would be investigating.

We do know Fiore has been in the news a lot this past year, including last summer, when the Federal Election Commission filed a complaint against her alleging that she used city funds to campaign for Donald Trump.

But Seaman's story about that interview was a big part of all reporting on the Fiore investigation.

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So on Tuesday, Councilwoman Fiore responded -- only she did so without ever mentioning the FBI.

Her Chief of Staff sent this statement:

"The Ward 6 office is unaware, nor could we confirm whether councilwoman Seaman held any meetings on July 6th. Sign-in records do not indicate Councilwoman Seaman having any meetings on July 6th considering that it is common practice that outside visitors should sign-in on arrival; Councilwoman Seaman’s comments are highly questionable and may have been manufactured with animosity."

They included a photo of City Hall's sign-in sheet.

We called Victoria Seaman to get her reaction to the response.

Councilwoman Seaman tells us she was interviewed by the FBI about Michele Fiore and sent us a copy of the FBI agent's business card as proof.

Michele Fiore's statement does point the finger at her old colleague making up a story.

The FBI may just not have signed in before any interview.

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We asked Fiore's office if she had any interactions with the FBI herself and have not heard back.

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