Thousands celebrate the life of LDS President Thomas S. Monson

LDS Celebration of Life.PNG

Thousands of people filled the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, Friday afternoon, as Thomas S. Monson was laid to rest.

Monson was the 16th President of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for nearly ten years. He died at his home on January second at the age of 90.

Monson's daughter, Ann M. Dibb spoke at her father’s funeral.

"President Monson by simply trying his best left an unforgettable legacy of love," Dibb said.

Monson dedicated his life to moving the Mormon church forward. During his presidency, the church gained millions of new members from all over the world and prior to being president. He served as a counselor under three other presidents for more than 22-years.

"The death of this remarkable man brings to a close a chapter a church history spanning over 67 years of faithful service beginning with his call as a Bishop," said Henry B. Eyring

Millions from all over the world watched the funeral services online. Many of them recalling Monson's legacy as one of love and service. And the Las Vegas Mormon and LDS community is remembering him just the same.

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