Thousands line the streets for annual Pride Parade, Route 91 victims honored

Thousands line the streets for annual Pride Parade, Route 91 victims honored. 10/20/17 (KSNV)

LGBTQ Pride Weekend kicked off, Friday evening with a festive parade along 4th Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

At the front of the parade were a group of people holding 58 candles, one candle for every person who lost their lives in the mass shooting at the Route 91 festival on October first. Their tribute also included signs that read "Vegas Strong" and "Our Lights Will Never Go Out", along with a special performance dedicated to the victims.

Thousands of people lined the streets to watch the floats pass by. The Pride Parade is the biggest outdoor public event held since the mass shooting tragedy, and while people admitted that the thought of it happening again crossed their mind it wasn’t enough to stop them from showing up.

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Jocelyn Keys said she’s attended every Pride Parade for the last 10-years and that wasn’t going to change,

"I don't want to live my life in fear, I want to live my life have fun, be with everybody," said Keys.

But even though most people weren't afraid to show up, organizers said they weren't taking any chances and they beefed up security.

"We've increased the number of officers that are included in the parade, as well as at the festival this weekend. And we have a security company - most of them are former military or former law enforcement agencies," said James Healy, organizer of the Las Vegas Pride weekend.

The pride festivities will continue from October 20 -22. Click here for a list of events and times

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