Time to go: CES vendors complete exit, charities await donations

As CES officially wraps up in Las Vegas, some of the tech companies leave behind some cool stuff from their displays.

You might remember that those booth displays are built up and filled with furniture, carpeting, decorations. Many companies that show CES buy the items specifically for their displays, only to be used once.

Instead of techies and gadgets, the space here is now filled with construction crews and fork lifts, but not everything getting hauled out will get thrown away.

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Three years ago, show organizers realized that there could be a better way to repurpose some of the show's items. They started a program to get the furniture donated to some local charities, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars from not only getting thrown away, but used as a way to build charity revenue.

Last year, 65 companies here at the show donated 12 truckloads of booth furniture, walls, flooring and carpeting.

This year, it’s happening again. Donations are now going to Habitat for Humanity, Opportunity Village, Goodwill, Teacher's Exchange and Help of Southern Nevada. The donations are set aside by the show’s contracting coordinator Freeman.

“All of the charities have a way to donate the stuff right directly to homeless people or they have a store where they resell it and the money goes to sustain and build homes like habitat does for the for the restore,” Jeff Chase, Freeman’s Vice President of Sustainability. “Opportunity Village had a little store where they sell these items. So it pretty much goes back into the community."

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Besides helping local charities, show organizers say the show is also helping the environment. Last year 75,000 pounds or at least 6 large dumpsters worth of items were saved from getting shipped out to the landfills.

For more information on CES, click here. For more information on Freeman, click here.

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